Anchor Ice Exposed at Low Flow


Exposed Anchor Ice on the Kananaskis River, AB (Canada), Nov. 26, 2012

Anchor ice occurs frequently on the Kananaskis River – it forms when suspended frazil ice adheres to the stream bed.  Because the river is regulated for hydro-power production, water levels vary substantially over the day, each day.  This leaves anchor ice exposed at low flow.

(Photo by Vincent McFarlane: Canon PowerShot SD4500, f/3.4,  ISO – 160, FL 6mm, 1/320 sec. exposure duration)

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Lake ice can be pretty weird and wonderful, too!

This has been a weird winter for ice and although we’ve had our usual suite of fascinating river ice phenomenon – it’s hard to top some of the weird lake ice occurrences we’ve being seeing on the internet this past little while. Here are my two favorite recent links…

The first one is a video posted on YouTube by the Glen Arbor Artisans.  It was taken on Lake Michigan, ands shows tens of thousands (maybe millions!) of large ice balls all along the shoreline and well out into the lake:

The second is a photo taken that was taken by Vesa Kaloinen at Lake Suolijärvi in Tuulos, Finland.  Snow falling on the lake created some weird submerged ice (snow?) that looked like huge strands of noodles.

Thanks to my river ice friends who shared these with me.

Hope you enjoy these!  Have a great week!

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Border Ice Development on the Susitna River, Alaska

DSCN2633 Julia c

Border Ice Development during freeze-up on the Susitna River, Alaska, November 6, 2013

Another awesome photo by PhD student Julia Blackburn, taken during freeze-up on the Susitna River, Alaska. The constriction of the river due to the rocky outcrop on the right, and the development of border ice on the left, make this location a good candidate for surface ice bridging to occur during the freeze-up process.

(Photo by Julia Blackburn: Nikon Coolpix AW100, f/3.9, ISO-640, FL 5 mm, 1/200 sec. exposure)

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