Hay River Ice Run

Ice run on the Hay River, NWT (Canada), April 24, 2010

Ice streaming past one of our remote observation stations upstream of Alexandra Falls on the Hay River, NWT.  Our research engineer, Josh Maxwell, slaved an SLR camera to a datalogger to create a time-lapse camera system capable of taking night images with the aid of a LED spotlight.

To see some absolutely amazing footage of Hay River breakup – including the breakup of Alexandra Falls – see the new BBC series “Frozen Planet”. Those of you in the UK and EU can also see a video clip on the BBC Frozen Planet web site featuring our research in Hay River.  This same clip is now featured on the Discovery Channel web site for those of us in North America.

(photo by Josh Maxwell, UofA River Ice Group: Canon EOS 5D, f/4, ISO – 400, focal length 24 mm, 4 sec. exposure time)


About Faye Hicks

I am a professor emeritus, civil engineer, animal lover and writer.
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