Athabasca River Aufeis

Aufeis on the Athabasca River, AB (Canada), April 1, 2003

Aufeis (ice on top of ice) forms when trickles of water freeze; each new trickle freezes on top of the previous ice and, over the winter, massive ice accumulations can form.  Aufeis normally builds in horizontal layers but in some cases like this, where groundwater seeps from the banks, it can create a beautiful ‘frozen waterfall’ appearance.   This photo was taken on the Athabasca River, in the remote and pristine wilderness area about 30 km upstream of Fort McMurray, Alberta.

(photo by Claudine Girouard or Sheldon Lovell, UofA River Ice Group: Nikon E7600, f/4.9, ISO – 50, focal length 8 mm, 1/794 sec. exposure time)


About Faye Hicks

I am a professor emeritus, civil engineer, animal lover and writer.
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    Wow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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