Massive Ice Floe

Documenting ice floes on the Athabasca River , AB (Canada), April 28, 2001

Claudine Girouard (an alumnus of the UofA River Ice Group) steps up to measure a huge ice floe left behind after an ice run passed by the Water Intake on the Athabasca River at Fort McMurray, AB.  This massive ice floe was actually created when the ice jammed here.  The individual pieces of ice were compressed so tightly together that new, bigger ice floes were formed.

(photo by Faye Hicks, UofA River Ice Group: Nikon E950, f/11.4, FL 20 mm, 1/64 sec. exposure)


About Faye Hicks

I am a professor emeritus, civil engineer, animal lover and writer.
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