Giant Garden Hose

Frozen penstock leakage on the Kananaskis River, AB (Canada), Feb. 24, 2012

The Kananaskis River is a regulated for hydropower production and the wooden penstock (pipe) is very old and leaks along most of its length.  In winter this leakage freezes, creating some beautiful ice formations that I’ll be featuring in the next few posts. The actual amount of leakage is small but, as you can see by the towers of blue ice above, the accumulation over the winter can be substantial.  You won’t get to see these beautiful ice formations if you visit this site in winter – the penstock is currently being replaced with a larger (non-leaking) concrete pipe.

Here, MSc student Stefan Emmer has given us a beautiful view along the winding path of the pipe.

(photo by Stefan Emmer, UofA River Ice Group: Nikon CoolPix AW 100, f/4.8,  ISO – 125, FL 25mm, 1/800 sec. exposure duration)

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I am a professor emeritus, civil engineer, animal lover and writer.
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