About the header photo above:

This photo, taken by grad student Vincent McFarlane, is one of the many amazing photos he and my other grad students – Stefan Emmer and Jennifer Nafziger  – took while doing fieldwork on the Kananaskis River in southwestern Alberta.  If you’d like to see more of these (and other great) photos AND learn all about river ice – check out my new book: The Weird and Wonderful World of River Ice.

About this blog:

This is a photo blog  where you can find weird, wonderful and exciting pictures of river ice.  If you have a great “river ice” picture to share – please email me at theprof@fayehicks.com to get it featured.  Please be sure to include a description of where and when you took the photo – along with any other information you think would be interesting or relevant to those viewing it.

About me:

I’ve been a (civil) river engineer for the past 30+ years and was an engineering professor for 24. Now I am a lucky professor emeritus and consulting engineer.  Since 1991 my scientific research has focussed almost exclusively on river ice processes and hydraulics.  Most of the pictures you will see here have been taken by my graduate students, my colleagues or by or me, as we’ve explored the weird and wonderful world of river ice in Canada and the USA.

Students in science and engineering might want to check out my blog on technical writing advice.

In addition to my “day job” as an engineer , I also write for fun in my spare time.  If you would like to read some of my lighter contributions please check out one or more of the following links:

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